Sunday, September 22, 2019

Conversation Pathways with Indigeneous People in Australia and Mexico

Last night, my friend Elia came over to chat, and we discussed further starting a grandmother's council in Patzcuaro. I had such great hopes when Obrador came into office because he made so many promises to improve the lives of indigeneou people, who are usually among the poorest in Mexico. So far nothing has changed much, though. I've heard that whenever a new president comes in to power in Mexico, he rides into office on promises to indigeneous people, but never delivers. This is a long history here.

So when I saw this article, Queensland Moves Toward Treaty First Nations People, it looked like a promising development. However, upon actually reading the article, I realized that it was more of a political move to create the appearance of forming a rapprochement rather than a substantive one. However, there's always a possibility when a dialogue has started to create a new relationship, that something does actually result from doing that. 


So I was curious about what had happened along these lines with the indigeneous people in Mexico, such as treaties, etc. And I found this article from 1996. So there was a treaty in recent times, 
San Andrés Peace Accords on Indigenous Rights and Culture and their implementation.

"The Accords on Indigenous Rights and Culture lay the groundwork for significant changes in the areas of indigenous rights, political participation, and cultural autonomy. Most importantly, they recognize the existence of political subjects called pueblos indios (indigenous peoples / towns / communities) and give conceptual validation to the terms "self-determination" and "autonomy" by using them in the signed accords. 

The accords emphasize that the state takes responsibility for not only reinforcing the political representation of indigenous peoples and their participation in legislatures, but also for guaranteeing the validity of internal forms of indigenous government. They further note that the state promises to create national legislation guaranteeing indigenous communities the right to: 1) freely associate themselves with municipalities that are primarily indigenous in population; 2) to form associations between communities; and 3) to coordinate their actions as indigenous peoples." 1999

I wonder what has come of the commitment to carry on discussions about political reform, economic development, and land reform. It would seem that what followed was almost immediately the Mexican government reneged on the promises of this treaty, and started persecuting autonomous indigeneous peoples. 

Let's see how Obrador handles this challenge while he is in office.

Befriending First Peoples: Listening, Paying Attention, Learning

I have a strong sense that white people can learn a great deal from indigeneous people such as the Purupecha here in Michoacan. A big part of the paradigm shift is forging a new relationship with first peoples, a relationship of respect, honor, goodwill, appreciation, and most of all, understanding that we have much to learn from them. Of listening to what they have to say. Of paying attention.

No matter where we live, we can befriend someone who is among the first peoples of the area, and build a new kind of relationship with them. It means letting go of all past stereotypes, prejudices, and mental blinders. It is the beginning of caring more for each other and all the people in our world.

For many people, it will take courage and an enterprising spirit, as well as a deep commitment to making a better world, and a willingness to leave our comfort zone so that we can enjoy more love, peace and harmony among all of humanity.

Forming a Media Working Group for World Peace Movement

World Peace Now (Facebook closed group created by Jah Fe)

Does the world peace movement have a voice and visible presence in the world, Jah Fe? That is something to consider. Perhaps some kind of media committee that issues statements to the world press. I don't think anything like that exists today. Getting the truth out about false flag events to start wars is a powerful way to diffuse the energy field that builds for a military attack.

It was not Iran that attacked the Saudi oil fields. It was the Houthis in Yemen. Believe them when they take credit.

Here is a good video that goes extensively into the situation, giving background on the war with Yemen. Ryan Christian calls it a U.S. led coalition, but I don't think that's accurate. It's a Saudi-led coalition with U.A.E., supported by the U.S., but that's a minor quiblle. The U.S. is in cahoots with the Saudis to kill Yemenis, there is no doubt about that. More war crimes. And crazy rhetoric about attacking Iran, and killing more people.
Jah Fe Excellent idea Ariel. We could have a Media Working Group and a list of international media outlets to send Media Releases to. WOuld you like to be part of that? Anyone else?

 Ariel Ky Yes, I believe that I would like to serve in this way. It's something I often engage in anyways whenever I feel the need to get the truth out to prevent the outbreak of a hot war. However, what I usually do is send an article to English press in countries that are most impacted by an event. For example, when the Cheonan exploded during live fire war games in South Korea, the U.S. was ready to attack North Korea, and blamed them for what was actually a tragic accident. I had been following the war games because tensions were running high at the time, but the corporate media failed to contextualize this event in light of the war games. They just weren't mentioned. Another sign that an event might be a false flag pretext for war is when several different accounts of what happened are floated in rapid succession.

So in the case of the Cheonan, I worked closely with a professor whose expertise was in the history of Korea, and we sorted out between the two of us what was really happening there. It was definitely NOT an attack by North Korea, and there was no reason at all to attack them.

Then I submittted an article to the Mainichi Times in Japan (where I've been published before) and China Daily, where I've also had opinion pieces published. I didn't really expect my articles to get published because of the highly volatile situation.

Nonetheless, I knew that if I got the facts to those newspapers, that they would be shown to people in the government, and could shift perceptions of what happened, and what was an appropriate response. The truth, in my experience, rings so loud, that people know it when they encounter it.

The war against Iraq was perhaps the last time that the energy field for war was greater than all the efforts of millions, really, around the world who endeavored to prevent it. That disastrous war has compelled many people to continue to monitor the world situation, and use the power of prayer and meditation to still the waters. That creates a potent field of energy for different outcomes, and is not to be discounted. However, writers, activists, people willing to demonstrate and go on record, have tremendous impact and do make a difference in the direction humanity is headed.

So I believe that we can deflate the field of energy which builds before a war that makes it happen. There are three ways to do this: 1) with the power of the word in getting out the truth. The truth sets us free. I strongly believe that, 2) with collective action in street protests and demonstrations, especially creative efforts that grab people's attention and make them think more deeply about what is happening, and 3) humor. Lightening up can be the most effective way to change the energy field. Being really serious and in a state of fear of what might happen feeds the energy of war.

So when we pray, it's good to remember to send love to everyone who is involved in a conflict, and that means all of the players, even those who profit from waging wars. You know these souls are some of the most needy in the world, and the most deprived of love because they are seeking substitutes such as power, control, money.

Of course, that doesn't explain all of the motivations of the players because there are truly dark, evil forces behind all of this. But these dark forces have no ability to manifest in our reality if they are not embodied as a human soul.

Every human usually has parents, siblings, children and greater family, friends, schoolmates, work colleagues... all of the people that everyone who lives in a human body experiences. the dark forces can take hold in those who, for whatever reasons, are not centered in love, and do not feel that they are loved.

Of course, there are ancestral lineages of patternings that have caused great trauma and harm, which give the dark forces a foothold within a person's psyche. However, the more people heal and follow a spiritual path which enables them to love more fully, the less likely they will be fertile ground for the dark forces to wreak havoc in our world.
My understanding of the dynamics of energy fields gives me hope for the future of humanity. The more conscious we become, the more spiritual our thoughts and actions, inevitably our paradigm shifts to care more for each other and our planet that we are part of, will result in the energy field of conflicts, violence and war dissipating and disappearing.

I keep thinking that the biblical saying that the meek will inherit the Earth is what we are on the verge of seeing today. It is the least violent of people, the most peace-loving, those with an aversion to conflict, who will ultimately prevail.

And there you have my philosophy articulated as I never have before, if not exactly in a nutshell, in several long posts here.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

U.S. Threatens AGAIN to Attack Iran, but it sure looks like the Houthis in Yemen attacked oil fields in Saudi Arabia

Here's a round-up of research I did today to get the facts on what happened in the attacks on the Saudi Arabian oil fields. Kind of done with it all today, but later, I may return and work this into a real blog.

How many times has the U.S. threatened to attack Iran in this 21st Century?

Here's an Al Jazeera article, Iran Standoff Timeline Key Events, that shows a timeline of U.S. not only threatening attacks on Iran, but actually carrying out economic attacks, just this year:

The U.S. blames Iran for the attacks on Saudi oil fields. You may want to believe those lies if you follow mainstream media, but you might think again after you read this article. Saudi Arabia has been attacking Yemen for four years, killed huge numbers of Yemenis, and been supported by the U.S. in this war. The Yemenis have claimed responsibility for this attack, that they say was in retaliation for the attacks against their people, and that they will stop as soon as the Saudis stop attacking them. That makes a lot of sense. It makes more sense than Iraq doing it, or Iran doing it, or Israel doing it. I believe that the Yemenis did it.

"August 26, 2019: Houthi rebels claim to have attacked a military target in Riyadh.
According to a spokesman for the rebels, the attack was carried out with an armed drone.
Saudi Arabia denies there was an attack by the Houthis.
September 10, 2019: The coalition forces intercept a drone over Yemen's Saada province, Saudi Press Agency reports.
September 14, 2019: Drone attacks claimed by the Houthis cause fires at two major oil facilities run by Saudi Aramco.
Citing an spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, the official Saudi Press Agency says the blazes at the facilities in Abqaiq - home to the company's largest oil processing plant - and Khurais were under control."
Role of Israel
Wondering what happens to Netanyahu on October 2? He is facing charges of fraud, breach of trust, and bribery. It's a major corruption scandal. Wondering what happens to Trump when his tax returns are subpoened and people might possibly find out that he never filed taxes for those years, or that his company, the Trump Organization (500 businesses he owns) filed taxes, but committed tax fraud, which given his father's tax frauds, is entirely likely. Another major corruption scandal in the process of being discovered.

Article on Global Research from July 2015 on Netanyahu bluffing to get U.S. to attack Iran:

"Long before the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities that knocked out half of its oil production, the kingdom knew it was vulnerable to assault from armed drones. Houthi rebels in neighbouring Yemen have often used this new type of aerial weapon, alongside missiles, to target Saudi airports, desalination plants and crude facilities in the past 18 months. The rising threat has prompted numerous Saudi agencies — from Saudi Aramco, the state oil company, to air defence, ports and civil aviation authorities — to scout the US and Europe for adequate defence systems, said one defence industry executive. “They’ve been in a panic [over drones] since the new year,” the executive said. “It’s come down from the top — protect the nation. If you tell me [your system] can do it, get it here now.”

Long video on the attack on Saudi oil fields; why it was the Houthis and not Iran

Here is a post I made on Facebook in response to the locked and loaded comment from Pence:

Pence says that the U.S. is locked and loaded. I say it's clocked and colluded. False flag. Probably the Israelis bombed the Saudis. After all, Netanyahu is yahoo crazy about using violence, and probably thinks it might help win the election going on right now. I don't know anything, really. I'm only speculating, just like Pence.

My post September 15 on World Peace Now:
The war in Yemen has much to do with what's happening in the Middle East today. There is so much misinformation that it is difficult to sort it out, which is why I think it gets so little attention. Let me tell you my small piece of the puzzle that I know from teaching English in Riyadh. Most Saudis don't work. Yemeni health care professionals staff the hospitals and clinics. Doctors, nurses, x-ray technicians, you name it. Most health care professionals working in Saudi Arabia are from Yemen. So it does not seem far-fetched to me that there might be supporters from Yemen in this war with Saudi Arabia who were able to attack oil facilities from within the country. Considering the dependence Saudi society has on professionals from Yemen, this war has always seemed bizarre to me.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Climate change is upon us: we need to prepare for relocating people

I agree with this young Swedish girl that we must address climate change. I have known at an intuitive level for several years that we must prepare for a sudden inundation of coastlines that happens all over the world. The best preparation would be to relocate people away from shorelines, although I doubt that will happen.
Why everyone assumes that the rising waters will only occur incrementally is beyond my ken. Nature has two very drastically different ways of changing a landscape; one is incrementally very slow; the other is cataclysmicly sudden, such as the eruption of Paracutin, the volcano near where I live in Patzcuaro.
I don't how to manifest this idea; I welcome any suggestions. However, I think that we need to create emergency relocation teams that could transport people to safe locations in extreme weather events or when shorelines are simultaneously inundated. We also need transitional construction teams to build yurts and other kinds of housing that would be cheap to construct. 
Another idea, perhaps, is to carry out plans to fill expensive apartment developments that were never finished off because they were developer boondoggles to make money. Perhaps we could start creating intentional ecosensitive communities now, with the ability to expand as needed to add people who have to relocate suddenly.
Of course, it seems obvious to me that militaries should be converted to create these kinds of teams. However, failing that extingency, it could be an employment opportunity for uneducated people in developing countries. Personally, I think all corporations should pay a new tax to fund these efforts. They are the ones with the money, and they are the guiltiest parties in contributing to climate change. The U.S. military is arguably the worst offender in contributing to climate change. Converting troops to work on these projects could be required to pay reparations. Now that's a new thought!
Perhaps we need to form a new entity in the United Nations; it seems logical to start there. Or perhaps build on and expand its existing missions to maintain international peace and security, protect human rights, deliver humanitarian aid, and promote sustainable development. 
Climate change was probably upon us regardless of what people did. It may have something to do with the orbit of our sun and our universe and our elliptical path closer to the central sun at this time. However, the actions of humanity have exacerbated and sped up what is happening, possibly beyond our ability to respond.
The elites have money to protect themselves, or so they think, and there is a sentiment that I am aware of, that they want to wipe off billions of people from the face of the earth. Well, it's time to resist their plans, and remove their power to impact the future of humanity.
'Young people across the world have followed her path, striking and marching to make clear to adults and decision-makers that this is a true emergency'

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Report from Iron Mountain: Old Paradigm Thinking about the Desirability of War

Report from Iron Mountain reveals the mindset that still prevails, which underpins the ongoing military policy of the U.S.

Crying a River of Tears

Last night I dreamed about a fabulous teacher who was full of passion and flair. She got up and stood on a small students' chair to get her students' attention. That's when I got the feeling that she was great.
Teachers are so important in everyone's lives, but so often the recognition and acclaim goes to sports figures, politicians, and celebrities who can act or sing well.
Today I read that Trump has cut off the budget for children to have teachers at detention centers. I'm so against detaining children separate from their parents in the first place. And then to create conditions that are worst than in refugee camps is completely abhorrent.
I hope volunteers step forward. I've taught immigrants long enough to know that the politics of hatred run deep in the institutions of the U.S., and that anyone who would volunteer to go into a detention center would also probably be mistreated and disrespected.
The kind of people who work in these places are so often petty tyrants who love having control of the people under them. Being cruel and mean is their nature, and they can do things in an impersonal, institutional way that hurts others.
If I could, I would cry a river of tears that would flood the world, and sweep everything horrible